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KT Postcode Area - KT10, KT11, KT12, KT13, KT14, KT15, KT16, KT17, KT18, KT19 Property Market 2017

This Post covers 


Coverage Area of Postcode KT10 to KT19

Postcode                 Coverage Area          Local Authority Area
KT10 Esher, Claygate, Hinchley Wood Elmbridge
KT11 Cobham, Stoke d'Abernon, Downside, Hatchford, parts of Wisley, Ockham and Hersham Elmbridge, Guildford, Mole Valley
KT12 Walton-on-Thames, Hersham, Whiteley Village Elmbridge
KT13 Weybridge, Oatlands, Saint George's Hill, Hamm Court Elmbridge, Runnymede
KT14 Byfleet, West Byfleet Woking, Elmbridge, Runnymede
KT15 Addlestone, New Haw, Woodham Runnymede, Woking
KT16 Chertsey, Ottershaw, Longcross, Lyne, Dumsey Meadow in Littleton Runnymede, Spelthorne
KT17 Epsom, Ewell, Stoneleigh Epsom and Ewell, Reigate and Banstead, Sutton
KT18 Epsom, Tattenham Corner, Headley, Langley Vale Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead
KT19 Epsom, West Ewell, Stoneleigh, Horton, Longmead Epsom and Ewell


  • M represents Million Pounds
  • Total value includes Property Type Other apart from Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat/Masionette


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
KT10 £1455K £831K £619K £406K
KT11 £1526K £621K £620K £406K
KT12 £1180K £576K £430K £303K
KT13 £1571K £779K £581K £363K
KT14 £761K £448K £380K £257K
KT15 £595K £438K £401K £250K
KT16 £613K £435K £362K £278K
KT17 £813K £581K £438K £307K
KT18 £847K £523K £442K £305K
KT19 £659K £515K £422K £302K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
KT10 £1200K £780K £580K £310K
KT11 £1360K £610K £605K £285K
KT12 £865K £512K £418K £300K
KT13 £1215K £717K £502K £340K
KT14 £655K £424K £370K £249K
KT15 £550K £425K £365K £258K
KT16 £588K £412K £350K £272K
KT17 £775K £580K £422K £300K
KT18 £770K £497K £420K £315K
KT19 £600K £500K £400K £315K


Postcode Detached SemiDetached Terraced Flat
KT10 £944K £345K £224K £295K
KT11 £739K £184K £208K £223K
KT12 £844K £269K £81K £111K
KT13 £1292K £354K £247K £147K
KT14 £354K £111K £62K £54K
KT15 £212K £84K £107K £69K
KT16 £172K £93K £87K £95K
KT17 £239K £107K £132K £87K
KT18 £345K £104K £113K £61K
KT19 £194K £102K £101K £93K
For example
  • Say the average detached property price for postcode XYZ is £300 K and ST. DEV. is £30 K.
  • It means that most detached properties in postcode XYZ (about 68%) has price within one ST. Dev. i.e. the price range is  £270K - £330K.
  • All-most all detached property price (95%) in postcode XYZ lie between two ST. Dev.  i.e. £240 K - £360 K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
KT10 125 78 42 71
KT11 105 49 31 29
KT12 107 169 119 152
KT13 96 61 80 127
KT14 74 53 49 80
KT15 97 158 90 126
KT16 67 60 62 94
KT17 127 95 39 147
KT18 76 73 26 76
KT19 79 176 78 148


The Table below gives in percentage, the total number of properties purchased as Buy-To-Let:
Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
KT10 6% 3% 17% 10%
KT11 5% 8% 3% 7%
KT12 9% 9% 5% 5%
KT13 7% 3% 5% 9%
KT14 4% 0% 4% 3%
KT15 5% 4% 4% 10%
KT16 3% 3% 2% 5%
KT17 4% 2% 3% 7%
KT18 4% 4% 0% 11%
KT19 3% 3% 8% 7%
*Buy-to-let consists of Buy-to-lets (where they can be identified by a Mortgage) ,transfers to non-private individuals,  transfers under a power of sale/repossessions




Hospital Postcode Town/City
Kingston Hospital KT2 7QB Kingston Upon Thames
Tolworth Hospital KT6 7QU Surbiton
Molesey Community Hospital KT8 2LU West Molesey
Cobham Day Surgery Hospital KT11 1HS Cobham
Sexual Health Surrey - Cobham Community Hospital KT11 1HT Cobham
Walton Community Hospital KT12 3LD Walton-on-Thames
Weybridge Community Hospital KT13 8DY Weybridge
BMI The Runnymede Hospital KT16 0RQ Chertsey
St Peter's Hospital KT16 0PZ Chertsey
Epsom Hospital KT18 7EG Epsom
New Epsom and Ewell Community Hospital KT19 8PB Epsom
Priory Hospital Sturt House KT20 7RQ Walton on the Hill
Ashtead Hospital KT21 2SB Ashtead
Leatherhead Community Hospital KT22 8SD Leatherhead

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