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Multiyear Detailed Analysis of Air Pollution for all Postcodes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The types of pollutants we cover are :

  • Particulate Matter PM10 , PM2.5 - It consists of a complex mixture of solid and liquid particles of organic and inorganic substances suspended in the air. Particles with a diameter of 10 microns or less, (≤ PM 10) can penetrate and lodge deep inside the lungs. PM2.5 are even more damaging as it can penetrate the lung barrier and enter the blood system.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2) - It is a gaseous air pollutant which forms when fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas or diesel are burned at high temperatures. NO2) causes increase in symptoms of bronchitis in asthmatic children and also linked to reduced lung function
  • Sulphur Dioxide, SO2 - It is a colourless gas with a sharp odour. It is produced from the burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil) and the smelting of mineral ores that contain sulphur. SO2 can affect the respiratory system and the functions of the lungs, and causes irritation of the eyes. When SO2 combines with water, it forms sulpuric acid; this is the main component of acid rain which is a cause of deforestation.
  • Benzene - It is an air toxic emitted from gasoline service stations, motor vehicle exhaust and fuel evaporation. It can react with other chemicals and can also contaminate water and soil.
  • Ozone - Ozone at ground level – not to be confused with the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere – is one of the major constituents of photochemical smog. Ozone damages vegetation and ecosystems by inhibiting the ability of plants to open the microscopic pores on their leaves to breathe.
  • Nitrogen Oxide, NOx - It is the pollution emitted by automobiles, trucks and various non-road vehicles. High levels of NOx can have a negative effect on vegetation, including leaf damage and reduced growth.

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