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SK4 3EW Heatons South - Nearest Schools Within 5 Kms of the Postcode

*Circle represents 5 km raidus around the Postcode SK4 3EW
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This Post covers

*Is ActiveStreetWardBoroughCounty
NoHeatons SouthHeatons SouthStockportGreater Manchester
*Is Active = It denotes whether the Postcode is Presently Active or Not

SchoolSchool Postcode*DistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Stella Maris SchoolSK4 3BR0.48 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingStockport
Didsbury Road Primary SchoolSK4 3HB0.61 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
St John's Church of England Primary SchoolSK4 3DG0.63 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
Mersey Vale Primary SchoolSK4 2BZ0.76 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
St Winifred's Roman Catholic Primary School, StockportSK4 3JH0.8 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
Freshfield Nursery SchoolSK4 3NB0.87 kmNurseryMixedNRatingStockport
Priestnall SchoolSK4 3HP1.07 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingStockport
Parrs Wood High SchoolM20 5PG1.09 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingManchester
Oneschool Global Uk Northwich CampusSK4 2AA1.12 kmNot applicableMixedYRatingStockport
The Pendlebury CentreSK3 0RJ1.16 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingStockport
Cheadle Heath Primary SchoolSK3 0RJ1.16 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
The Barlow RC High School and Specialist Science CollegeM20 6BX1.33 kmSecondaryMixedYRatingManchester
Tithe Barn Primary SchoolSK4 3NG1.36 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
St Catherine's RC Primary SchoolM20 6HS1.52 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
Stockport AcademySK3 0UP1.6 kmSecondaryMixedYRatingStockport
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode SK4 3EW and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool PostcodeDistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Alexandra Park Primary SchoolSK3 9RF2.02 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Didsbury CofE Primary SchoolM20 6RL2.03 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
Burnage Academy for BoysM19 1ER2.04 kmSecondaryBoysNRatingManchester
Heaton SchoolSK4 4RE2.24 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingStockport
Hollywood Park Nursery SchoolSK3 0BJ2.26 kmNurseryMixedNRatingStockport
Ladybridge Primary SchoolSK8 2JF2.29 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
St Bernard's RC Primary School ManchesterM19 1DR2.34 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
Green End Primary SchoolM19 1DR2.34 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingManchester
Covenant Christian SchoolSK4 4NX2.36 kmNot applicableMixedYRatingStockport
All Saints Church of England Primary School StockportSK4 1ND2.54 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
Ladybarn Primary SchoolM20 4SR2.54 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingManchester
St Anne's Roman Catholic High School, StockportSK4 2QP2.58 kmSecondaryMixedYRatingStockport
Bridge Hall Primary SchoolSK3 8LX2.61 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
St Matthew's Church of England Primary SchoolSK3 9EA2.63 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
St Cuthbert's RC Primary SchoolM20 4UZ2.66 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode SK4 3EW and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool PostcodeDistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
St Joseph's Stockport Catholic Primary SchoolSK1 1EF3.02 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
Manchester Muslim Preparatory SchoolM20 4BA3.02 kmNot applicableMixedYRatingManchester
Oak Tree Primary SchoolSK8 5HH3.02 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Cheadle Hulme Primary SchoolSK8 5GB3.03 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Laurus Cheadle HulmeSK8 5GB3.03 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingStockport
Gatley Primary SchoolSK8 4NB3.04 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
West Didsbury CE Primary SchoolM20 4ZA3.07 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
Moor Allerton Preparatory SchoolM20 2PW3.09 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingManchester
St Ambrose Catholic Primary SchoolSK3 8LQ3.1 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
St Paul's CofE Primary SchoolM20 4PG3.12 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
Acacias Community Primary SchoolM19 2WW3.14 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingManchester
Adswood Primary SchoolSK3 8PQ3.15 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Cale Green Primary SchoolSK3 8JG3.17 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Levenshulme High SchoolM19 1FS3.24 kmSecondaryGirlsNRatingManchester
Bridgelea Pupil Referral UnitM20 3FB3.28 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingManchester
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode SK4 3EW and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool Postcode*DistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
St Ambrose RC Primary SchoolM21 7QA4 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingManchester
Bradshaw Hall Primary SchoolSK8 6AN4.02 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Lane End Primary SchoolSK8 7AL4.02 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Ashgate Specialist Support Primary SchoolM22 5DR4.03 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingManchester
Chapel Street Primary SchoolM19 3GH4.05 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingManchester
St Mary's Church of England Primary SchoolSK5 7DR4.09 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingStockport
Banks Lane Infant SchoolSK1 4PR4.11 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Banks Lane Junior SchoolSK1 4PR4.11 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Birchfields Primary SchoolM14 6PL4.11 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingManchester
Manchester Enterprise Academy CentralM14 6PL4.11 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingManchester
Greenbank Preparatory SchoolSK8 6HU4.18 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingStockport
Abingdon Primary SchoolSK5 7ET4.24 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Peel Hall Primary SchoolM22 5AU4.26 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingManchester
Nevill Road Infant SchoolSK7 3ET4.26 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
Nevill Road Junior SchoolSK7 3ET4.26 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingStockport
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode SK4 3EW and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

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