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L18 1HX Greenbank - Nearest Schools Within 5 Kms of the Postcode

*Circle represents 5 km raidus around the Postcode L18 1HX
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This Post covers

*Is ActiveStreetWardBoroughCounty
YesNicander RoadGreenbankLiverpoolMerseyside
*Is Active = It denotes whether the Postcode is Presently Active or Not

40 36 38 21 5
  • Km represents Kilometer for eg 2 Km represent Schools within 1 -2 Kilometers
  • The above graph represents distribution of Schools from Postcode L18 1HX by distance

SchoolSchool Postcode*DistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Greenbank Primary SchoolL18 1JB0.27 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Dovedale Community Primary SchoolL18 1JX0.45 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Liverpool CollegeL18 8BG0.66 kmAll throughMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Anthony of Padua Catholic Primary SchoolL18 8BD0.68 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
The Blue Coat SchoolL15 9EE0.81 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Royal School for the Blind (Liverpool)L15 6TQ1.01 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
St Clare's Catholic Primary SchoolL15 0DW1.02 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Hilda's Church of England High SchoolL17 3AL1.13 kmSecondaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Wavertree Church of England SchoolL15 8HJ1.19 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Mosspits Lane Primary SchoolL15 6UN1.24 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Assess EducationL15 4LP1.31 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
Our Lady of Good Help Catholic Primary SchoolL15 8JL1.38 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Lawrence Community Primary SchoolL15 0EE1.39 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Calderstones SchoolL18 3HS1.5 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Our Lady's Bishop Eton Catholic Primary SchoolL18 2EP1.54 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode L18 1HX and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool PostcodeDistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Childwall Sports & Science AcademyL15 6XZ2 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Christ The King Catholic Primary SchoolL15 7LZ2.04 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Northway Primary and Nursery SchoolL15 7JQ2.05 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Sudley Junior SchoolL17 6BH2.06 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
St Charles' Catholic Primary SchoolL17 7JA2.07 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Community Primary SchoolL17 7BA2.07 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Liverpool Hope UniversityL16 9JD2.1 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
Childwall Church of England Primary SchoolL16 0JD2.11 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Margaret's Church of England AcademyL17 6AB2.13 kmSecondaryBoysYRatingLiverpool
Booker Avenue Junior SchoolL18 9SB2.2 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Booker Avenue Infant SchoolL18 9SB2.2 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Belvedere Preparatory SchoolL8 3TF2.3 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
The Belvedere AcademyL8 3TF2.3 kmSecondaryGirlsNRatingLiverpool
Palmerston SchoolL17 6AU2.3 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
Smithdown Primary SchoolL7 6LJ2.31 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode L18 1HX and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool PostcodeDistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary and Nursery SchoolL13 3BB3 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Windsor Community Primary SchoolL8 8JE3.01 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
St Cleopas' Church of England Junior Mixed and Infant SchoolL8 4RP3.05 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Anne's (Stanley) Junior Mixed and Infant SchoolL13 3BT3.07 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Abercromby Nursery SchoolL8 7QA3.11 kmNurseryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolL8 6QB3.12 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Patrick's Catholic Primary SchoolL8 5UX3.15 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Harmonize Academy AP Free SchoolL6 6DL3.2 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
Gilmour Junior SchoolL19 1RD3.26 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
East Prescot Road Nursery SchoolL14 1PW3.38 kmNurseryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Springwood Heath Primary SchoolL19 4TL3.45 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
St Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary SchoolL16 2LN3.47 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and NurseryL7 8TQ3.51 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
University of LiverpoolL69 7ZX3.54 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
Liverpool Institute of Performing ArtsL1 9HF3.54 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode L18 1HX and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool Postcode*DistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Sandfield Park SchoolL12 1LH4.02 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingLiverpool
The Hospital and Home Tuition Team at Sandfield Park SchoolL12 1LH4.02 kmNot applicableNot applicableNRatingLiverpool
Garston Church of England Primary SchoolL19 5NS4.06 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Lister Junior SchoolL13 7DT4.06 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Lister Infant and Nursery SchoolL13 7DT4.06 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Cities in Schools at Unit 302L1 0BG4.08 kmNot applicableNot applicableNRatingLiverpool
Gateacre SchoolL25 2RW4.1 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary SchoolL25 2RW4.1 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
The Academy of St NicholasL19 5NY4.1 kmSecondaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Woolton Primary SchoolL25 5NN4.11 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
Belle Vale Community Primary SchoolL25 2QF4.12 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingLiverpool
St Julie's Catholic High SchoolL25 7TN4.15 kmSecondaryGirlsYRatingLiverpool
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary SchoolL1 5BY4.17 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingLiverpool
Runnymede St Edward's SchoolL12 1LE4.19 kmNot applicableMixedYRatingLiverpool
St Margaret Mary's Catholic Infant SchoolL14 0JG4.23 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingKnowsley
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode L18 1HX and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

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