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CV6 3FN Radford - Nearest Schools Within 5 Kms of the Postcode

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*Is ActiveStreetWardBoroughCounty
YesOwenford RoadRadfordCoventryWest Midlands
*Is Active = It denotes whether the Postcode is Presently Active or Not

25 30 20 24 3
  • Km represents Kilometer for eg 2 Km represent Schools within 1 -2 Kilometers
  • The above graph represents distribution of Schools from Postcode CV6 3FN by distance

SchoolSchool Postcode*DistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Joseph Cash Primary SchoolCV6 3FS0.31 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
St Augustine's Catholic Primary SchoolCV6 3BL0.75 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
Hill Farm AcademyCV6 3BL0.75 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Hospital Education ServiceCV6 2HD1.16 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingCoventry
Whitmore Park Primary SchoolCV6 2HG1.2 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Radford Primary AcademyCV6 1HD1.23 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Lote Tree Primary SchoolCV6 5JQ1.25 kmNot applicableMixedYRatingCoventry
Christ The King Catholic Primary SchoolCV6 2DJ1.25 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
Edgewick Community Primary SchoolCV6 5GP1.38 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, FoleshillCV6 5BX1.38 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
Broad Heath Community Primary SchoolCV6 5DP1.43 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Keresley Grange Primary SchoolCV6 2EH1.54 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Holbrook Primary SchoolCV6 6FR1.61 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
John Gulson Primary SchoolCV1 4HB1.63 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Parkgate Primary SchoolCV6 4GF1.65 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode CV6 3FN and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool PostcodeDistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Hillfields Nursery SchoolCV1 5GR2 kmNurseryMixedNRatingCoventry
Coundon Primary SchoolCV6 1FQ2.02 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Sidney Stringer Primary AcademyCV1 5GU2.07 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
President Kennedy School AcademyCV6 4GL2.07 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingCoventry
John Shelton Community Primary SchoolCV6 4JP2.09 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Sidney Stringer AcademyCV1 5LY2.12 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingCoventry
St Osburg's Catholic Primary SchoolCV1 4AP2.18 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary SchoolCV1 5HG2.24 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
RNIB Three Spires AcademyCV6 1PJ2.28 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingCoventry
Frederick Bird Primary SchoolCV2 4QQ2.35 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Sherbourne Fields SchoolCV6 1PR2.4 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingCoventry
Courthouse Green Primary SchoolCV6 7JJ2.41 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Stoke Heath Primary SchoolCV2 4PR2.42 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Spon Gate Primary SchoolCV1 3BQ2.51 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
St Laurences CofE Primary SchoolCV6 7ED2.54 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode CV6 3FN and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool PostcodeDistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Lyng Hall SchoolCV2 3JS3 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Wheelwright Lane Primary SchoolCV7 9HN3.02 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingWarwickshire
Stoke Primary SchoolCV2 4LF3.07 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Hearsall Community AcademyCV5 6LR3.09 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Coventry CollegeCV2 1ED3.13 km16 plusMixedNRatingCoventry
All Souls Catholic Primary SchoolCV5 8ED3.15 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
St Christopher Primary SchoolCV5 9JG3.26 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Stoke Park SchoolCV2 4JW3.28 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Alderman's Green Community Primary SchoolCV2 1PP3.3 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolCV2 4DW3.33 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
Gosford Park Primary SchoolCV1 2SF3.36 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
All Saints Church of England Primary SchoolCV1 2AF3.38 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
King Henry VIII SchoolCV3 6AQ3.42 kmNot applicableMixedYRatingCoventry
Ash Green SchoolCV7 9AH3.45 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingWarwickshire
Foxford Community SchoolCV6 6BB3.47 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingCoventry
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode CV6 3FN and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

SchoolSchool Postcode*DistancePhaseGender*F.S.OfstedArea
Ravensdale Primary SchoolCV2 5GQ4 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Wyken Croft Primary SchoolCV2 3AA4.06 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
St John Vianney Catholic Primary SchoolCV5 7GX4.13 kmPrimaryMixedYRatingCoventry
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic SchoolCV2 2AJ4.28 kmSecondaryMixedYRatingCoventry
Park Hill Primary SchoolCV5 7LR4.37 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Manor Park Primary SchoolCV3 5EZ4.39 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Coventry Speech and Language Service Co Manor Park Primary SchoolCV3 5EZ4.39 kmNot applicableNot applicableNRatingCoventry
Potters Green Primary SchoolCV2 2GF4.42 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Mount Nod Primary SchoolCV5 7BG4.48 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Aldermoor Farm Primary SchoolCV3 1DP4.49 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Richard Lee Primary SchoolCV2 5FU4.5 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingCoventry
Coventry Extended Learning CentreCV2 5BD4.53 kmNot applicableMixedNRatingCoventry
Caludon Castle SchoolCV2 5BD4.53 kmSecondaryMixedNRatingCoventry
St Giles Junior SchoolCV7 9NS4.58 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingWarwickshire
Goodyers End Primary SchoolCV12 0HP4.59 kmPrimaryMixedNRatingWarwickshire
  • *Distance = It refers to the straight line distance between Postcode CV6 3FN and the School Postcode
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes

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