Multiyear Life Expectancy Analysis of South East

South East Region Map

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OxfordshireSouth EastEngland
BuckinghamshireSouth EastEngland
East SussexSouth EastEngland
HampshireSouth EastEngland
BerkshireSouth EastEngland
Isle of WightSouth EastEngland
KentSouth EastEngland
SurreySouth EastEngland
West SussexSouth EastEngland

80.59 80.79 80.65 80.57 80.58 80.46 80.44 80.3 80.16
  • The above Graph shows Life Expectancy at Birth and is in years

RegionPeriodSexLife Expectancy
South East2018-2020Male80.59 years
South East2017-2019Male80.79 years
South East2016-2018Male80.65 years
South East2015-2017Male80.57 years
South East2014-2016Male80.58 years
South East2013-2015Male80.46 years
South East2012-2014Male80.44 years
South East2011-2013Male80.3 years
South East2010-2012Male80.16 years

RegionPeriodSexLife Expectancy
South East2018-2020Female84.13 years
South East2017-2019Female84.27 years
South East2016-2018Female84.11 years
South East2015-2017Female84.01 years
South East2014-2016Female84.02 years
South East2013-2015Female83.97 years
South East2012-2014Female83.94 years
South East2011-2013Female83.84 years
South East2010-2012Female83.69 years

Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence. © Crown copyright 2021