Multiyear Life Expectancy Analysis for Isle of Anglesey

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79.27 79.58 78.97 79.12 78.83 78.77 78.6 78.62 78.49
  • The Trend Graph shows Life Expectancy at Birth and is in years

BoroughPeriodGenderLife Expectancy
Isle of Anglesey2018-2020Male79.27 years
Isle of Anglesey2017-2019Male79.58 years
Isle of Anglesey2016-2018Male78.97 years
Isle of Anglesey2015-2017Male79.12 years
Isle of Anglesey2014-2016Male78.83 years
Isle of Anglesey2013-2015Male78.77 years
Isle of Anglesey2012-2014Male78.6 years
Isle of Anglesey2011-2013Male78.62 years
Isle of Anglesey2010-2012Male78.49 years

BoroughPeriodGenderLife Expectancy
Isle of Anglesey2018-2020Female82.87 years
Isle of Anglesey2017-2019Female83.25 years
Isle of Anglesey2016-2018Female83.16 years
Isle of Anglesey2015-2017Female82.87 years
Isle of Anglesey2014-2016Female82.61 years
Isle of Anglesey2013-2015Female82.62 years
Isle of Anglesey2012-2014Female82.88 years
Isle of Anglesey2011-2013Female83.02 years
Isle of Anglesey2010-2012Female82.91 years

Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence. © Crown copyright 2021