Gas and Electricity Consumption Analysis around Suffolk Street, Salford, M6 6DQ

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*Is ActiveStreetWardBoroughCounty
YesSuffolk StreetIrwell RiversideSalfordGreater Manchester
*Is Active = It denotes whether the Postcode is Presently Active or Not

Electricity Annual Cost Trend not available for Postcode M6 6DQ

Electricity Consumption Analysis not available for Postcode M6 6DQ

*Year*No of Meters*Fixed Cost*Unit Cost*Avg Consumption*Annual Bill
2022(E)23£0.233£0.0715227 kWh£1151
2021(E)23£0.233£0.0415227 kWh£695
202023£0.233£0.02815227 kWh£512
201924£0.233£0.03211532 kWh£455
201823£0.233£0.03411915 kWh£491
201723£0.233£0.033512227 kWh£495
201623£0.233£0.033910547 kWh£443
201521£0.233£0.036310900 kWh£481
  • *Year - Year 2021 and 2022 are estimated values as the consumption data is yet to released by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • *No Of Meters represents the Total Number of Gas Meters in Postcode M6 6DQ
  • *Fixed Cost is the standing charges per day and it can vary by provider and region. We have taken average value and same over the years to highlight that the primary drivers of actual bills are the Unit Cost and Consumption changes.
  • *Unit Cost is the Unit Cost per Killowatt hour (kWh) of consumption released by Ofgem. Unit cost are averages and will vary by region, payment methd and meter type.
  • *Avg consumption is the average consumption in Killowatt hour (kWh) per meter in a Postcode
  • *Annual Bill is the Gas bill for a year and it is calculate by ((Fixed Cost * 365) + (Unit Cost * Avg Consumption)) and it does not include VAT charges

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