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CW8: Postcode District Level Quarter on Quarter (QonQ) Analysis of Property Market 1998 - 1999

This Post covers

Postcode DistrictWardBoroughCounty
CW8Davenham and MoultonCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8Hartford and GreenbankCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8KingsleyCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8MarburyCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8Tarvin and KelsallCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8Weaver and CuddingtonCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8Winnington and CastleCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CW8Winsford Over and VerdinCheshire West and ChesterCheshire

£0.46M £0.33M £0.75M £0.18M £0.19M £0.48M £0.07M £0.32M
  • Quarter on Quarter Distribution of Flat Sales in Million Pounds

QuarterTotal Value (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £0.46M  £0.13M   39.39%
  Q3 1999  £0.33M -£0.42M  -56%
  Q2 1999  £0.75M  £0.57M   316.67%
  Q1 1999  £0.18M -£0.01M  -5.26%
  Q4 1998  £0.19M -£0.29M  -60.42%
  Q3 1998  £0.48M  £0.41M   585.71%
  Q2 1998  £0.07M -£0.25M  -78.13%
  Q1 1998  £0.32M  £0.19M   146.15%

QuarterAverage Price (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £114K  £67K   142.55%
  Q3 1999  £47K -£28K  -37.33%
  Q2 1999  £75K  £16K   27.12%
  Q1 1999  £59K  £20K   51.28%
  Q4 1998  £39K -£29K  -42.65%
  Q3 1998  £68K  £35K   106.06%
  Q2 1998  £33K -£12K  -26.67%
  Q1 1998  £45K  £13K   40.63%

QuarterTotal Number (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  4 -3  -42.86%
  Q3 1999  7 -3  -30%
  Q2 1999  10  7   233.33%
  Q1 1999  3 -2  -40%
  Q4 1998  5 -2  -28.57%
  Q3 1998  7  5   250%
  Q2 1998  2 -5  -71.43%
  Q1 1998  7  3   75%

Charles Darwin Community Primary SchoolCW8 1BNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
St Nicholas Catholic High SchoolCW8 1JWSecondaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary SchoolCW8 1JWPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Greenbank SchoolCW8 1LDN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Hartford Church of England High SchoolCW8 1LHSecondaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
The Grange SchoolCW8 1LUN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Hartford Primary SchoolCW8 1NAPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Hartford Manor Community Primary SchoolCW8 1NUPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Cloughwood AcademyCW8 1NUN/ABoysNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Whitegate CofE Primary SchoolCW8 2AYPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Sandiway Primary SchoolCW8 2NDPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Cuddington Primary SchoolCW8 2NYPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Crowton Christ Church CofE Primary SchoolCW8 2RWPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
University Primary Academy WeaverhamCW8 3BDPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
The Russett SchoolCW8 3BWN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
St Bede's Catholic Primary School, WeaverhamCW8 3BYPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Weaverham Forest Primary SchoolCW8 3EYPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Weaverham High SchoolCW8 3HTSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Winnington Park Community Primary and Nursery SchoolCW8 4AZPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Barnton Community Nursery and Primary SchoolCW8 4QLPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Rosebank SchoolCW8 4QPN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Little Leigh Primary SchoolCW8 4RNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes
  • *PERF = Performance
  • *D.F.E.= Department For Education

This post uses data covering the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2018. Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2018.