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CV6: Postcode District Level Quarter on Quarter (QonQ) Analysis of Property Market 1998 - 1999

This Post covers

Postcode DistrictWardBoroughCounty
CV6BablakeCoventryWest Midlands
CV6ExhallNuneaton and BedworthWarwickshire
CV6FoleshillCoventryWest Midlands
CV6HolbrookCoventryWest Midlands
CV6LongfordCoventryWest Midlands
CV6PoplarNuneaton and BedworthWarwickshire
CV6RadfordCoventryWest Midlands
CV6SherbourneCoventryWest Midlands
CV6Upper StokeCoventryWest Midlands

£0.55M £0.5M £0.87M £0.87M £0.48M £0.53M £0.27M £0.29M
  • Quarter on Quarter Distribution of Flat Sales in Million Pounds

QuarterTotal Value (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £0.55M  £0.05M   10%
  Q3 1999  £0.5M -£0.37M  -42.53%
  Q2 1999  £0.87M  £0   0%
  Q1 1999  £0.87M  £0.39M   81.25%
  Q4 1998  £0.48M -£0.05M  -9.43%
  Q3 1998  £0.53M  £0.26M   96.3%
  Q2 1998  £0.27M -£0.02M  -6.9%
  Q1 1998  £0.29M -£0.06M  -17.14%

QuarterAverage Price (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £34K  £6K   21.43%
  Q3 1999  £28K -£10K  -26.32%
  Q2 1999  £38K  £0   0%
  Q1 1999  £38K  £6K   18.75%
  Q4 1998  £32K  £7K   28%
  Q3 1998  £25K -£2K  -7.41%
  Q2 1998  £27K  £3K   12.5%
  Q1 1998  £24K -£3K  -11.11%

QuarterTotal Number (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  16 -2  -11.11%
  Q3 1999  18 -5  -21.74%
  Q2 1999  23  0   0%
  Q1 1999  23  8   53.33%
  Q4 1998  15 -6  -28.57%
  Q3 1998  21  11   110%
  Q2 1998  10 -2  -16.67%
  Q1 1998  12 -1  -7.69%

Moseley Primary SchoolCV6 1ABPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Coundon Primary SchoolCV6 1FQPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Radford Primary AcademyCV6 1HDPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
RNIB Three Spires AcademyCV6 1PJN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Sherbourne Fields SchoolCV6 1PRN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Tiverton SchoolCV6 1PSN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Hollyfast Primary SchoolCV6 2AHPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Coundon CourtCV6 2AJSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Christ The King Catholic Primary SchoolCV6 2DJPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Keresley Grange Primary SchoolCV6 2EHPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Arts and Community CollegeCV6 2FRSecondaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolCV6 2GUPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Whitmore Park AnnexeCV6 2HDN/AGirlsNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Whitmore Park Primary SchoolCV6 2HGPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
St Augustine's Catholic Primary SchoolCV6 3BLPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Hill Farm AcademyCV6 3BLPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Joseph Cash Primary SchoolCV6 3FSPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Parkgate Primary SchoolCV6 4GFPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
President Kennedy School AcademyCV6 4GLSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
John Shelton Community Primary SchoolCV6 4JPPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, FoleshillCV6 5BXPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Broad Heath Community Primary SchoolCV6 5DPPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Edgewick Community Primary SchoolCV6 5GPPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Coventry Muslim SchoolCV6 5JQN/AMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Stanton Bridge Primary SchoolCV6 5TYPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Foxford School and Community Arts CollegeCV6 6BBSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Holbrook Primary SchoolCV6 6FRPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Grangehurst Primary SchoolCV6 6JNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Longford Park Primary SchoolCV6 7ATPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
St Laurences CofE Primary SchoolCV6 7EDPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Good Shepherd Catholic SchoolCV6 7FNPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Little Heath Primary SchoolCV6 7FNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
Courthouse Green Primary SchoolCV6 7JJPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCoventry
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes
  • *PERF = Performance
  • *D.F.E.= Department For Education

StationPostcodeLive Depature & Arrival
Coventry ArenaCV6 6ASDetails

This post uses data covering the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2018. Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2018.