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CH3: Postcode District Level Quarter on Quarter (QonQ) Analysis of Property Market 1998 - 1999

This Post covers

Postcode DistrictWardBoroughCounty
CH3BoughtonCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3Chester CityCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3Chester VillagesCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3Dodleston and HuntingtonCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3FarndonCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3GowyCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3Great BoughtonCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3Tarvin and KelsallCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3TattenhallCheshire West and ChesterCheshire
CH3WrenburyCheshire EastCheshire

£0.56M £0.46M £0.7M £0.36M £0.94M £0.28M £0.49M £0.48M
  • Quarter on Quarter Distribution of Flat Sales in Million Pounds

QuarterTotal Value (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £0.56M  £0.1M   21.74%
  Q3 1999  £0.46M -£0.24M  -34.29%
  Q2 1999  £0.7M  £0.34M   94.44%
  Q1 1999  £0.36M -£0.58M  -61.7%
  Q4 1998  £0.94M  £0.66M   235.71%
  Q3 1998  £0.28M -£0.21M  -42.86%
  Q2 1998  £0.49M  £0.01M   2.08%
  Q1 1998  £0.48M -£0.53M  -52.48%

QuarterAverage Price (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £81K -£10K  -10.99%
  Q3 1999  £91K  £13K   16.67%
  Q2 1999  £78K -£11K  -12.36%
  Q1 1999  £89K  £10K   12.66%
  Q4 1998  £79K  £40K   102.56%
  Q3 1998  £39K -£43K  -52.44%
  Q2 1998  £82K -£39K  -32.23%
  Q1 1998  £121K  £49K   68.06%

QuarterTotal Number (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  7  2   40%
  Q3 1999  5 -4  -44.44%
  Q2 1999  9  5   125%
  Q1 1999  4 -8  -66.67%
  Q4 1998  12  5   71.43%
  Q3 1998  7  1   16.67%
  Q2 1998  6  2   50%
  Q1 1998  4 -10  -71.43%

Cherry Grove Primary SchoolCH3 5ENPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Oldfield Primary SchoolCH3 5LBPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Boughton Heath AcademyCH3 5RWPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Dee Banks SchoolCH3 5UXN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
The Bishops' Blue Coat Church of England High SchoolCH3 5XFSecondaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Huntington Community Primary SchoolCH3 6DFPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Saighton CofE Primary SchoolCH3 6EGPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Abbey Gate CollegeCH3 6ENN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Farndon Primary SchoolCH3 6QPPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Christleton High SchoolCH3 7ADSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Christleton Primary SchoolCH3 7AYPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Guilden Sutton CofE Primary SchoolCH3 7ESPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Barrow CofE Primary SchoolCH3 7HWPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
iMap CentreCH3 7JAN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Waverton Community Primary SchoolCH3 7QTPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Ashton Hayes Primary SchoolCH3 8ABPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Tarvin Primary SchoolCH3 8LSPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Tattenhall Park Primary SchoolCH3 9AHPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Huxley CofE Primary SchoolCH3 9BHPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
Clutton Church of England Primary SchoolCH3 9ERPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataCheshire West and Chester
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes
  • *PERF = Performance
  • *D.F.E.= Department For Education

StationPostcodeLive Depature & Arrival
MouldsworthCH3 8AJDetails

This post uses data covering the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2018. Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2018.