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BB12: Postcode District Level Quarter on Quarter (QonQ) Analysis of Property Market 1998 - 1999

This Post covers

Postcode DistrictWardBoroughCounty
BB12Daneshouse with StoneyholmeBurnleyLancashire
BB12Hapton with ParkBurnleyLancashire
BB12Higham and PendlesidePendleLancashire
BB12Old Laund BoothPendleLancashire
BB12Read and SimonstoneRibble ValleyLancashire
BB12Rosegrove with LowerhouseBurnleyLancashire
BB12SabdenRibble ValleyLancashire
BB12Whittlefield with IghtenhillBurnleyLancashire

£0.03M £0M £0.03M £0.02M £0.07M £0.11M £0.21M £0.07M
  • Quarter on Quarter Distribution of Flat Sales in Million Pounds

QuarterTotal Value (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £0.03M  £0.03M  
  Q3 1999  £0 -£0.03M  -100%
  Q2 1999  £0.03M  £0.01M   50%
  Q1 1999  £0.02M -£0.05M  -71.43%
  Q4 1998  £0.07M -£0.04M  -36.36%
  Q3 1998  £0.11M -£0.1M  -47.62%
  Q2 1998  £0.21M  £0.14M   200%
  Q1 1998  £0.07M -£0.12M  -63.16%

QuarterAverage Price (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £26K    
  Q3 1999       
  Q2 1999  £30K  £19K   172.73%
  Q1 1999  £11K -£22K  -66.67%
  Q4 1998  £33K -£5K  -13.16%
  Q3 1998  £38K -£15K  -28.3%
  Q2 1998  £53K  £28K   112%
  Q1 1998  £25K -£7K  -21.88%

QuarterTotal Number (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  1  1  
  Q3 1999  0 -1  -100%
  Q2 1999  1 -1  -50%
  Q1 1999  2  0   0%
  Q4 1998  2 -1  -33.33%
  Q3 1998  3 -1  -25%
  Q2 1998  4  1   33.33%
  Q1 1998  3 -3  -50%

Burnley Stoneyholme Community Primary SchoolBB12 0BNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Stoneyholme Nursery SchoolBB12 0BUNurseryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Whittlefield Primary SchoolBB12 0HLPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
St Mary Magdalene's Roman Catholic Primary School, BurnleyBB12 0JDPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Wellfield Methodist and Anglican Church SchoolBB12 0JDPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Lincoln House SchoolBB12 0QZN/ABoysNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Rosegrove Nursery SchoolBB12 6AJNurseryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Ightenhill Nursery SchoolBB12 6DYNurseryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Burnley Ightenhill Primary SchoolBB12 6EDPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Rosegrove Infant SchoolBB12 6HWPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
St Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Primary School, BurnleyBB12 6HZPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Burnley Lowerhouse Junior SchoolBB12 6LNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Burnley High SchoolBB12 6NXSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
St Joseph's Park Hill SchoolBB12 6TGN/AMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Padiham Green Church of England Primary SchoolBB12 7AXPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School, PadihamBB12 7BNPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Simonstone St Peter's Church of England Primary SchoolBB12 7HRPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Read St John's CofE Primary SchoolBB12 7PEPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Padiham St Leonard's Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary SchoolBB12 8HTPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Padiham Primary SchoolBB12 8SJPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Shuttleworth CollegeBB12 8STSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Whitegate Nursery School and Children's CentreBB12 8TGNurseryMixedNRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Wheatley Lane Methodist Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolBB12 9EDPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Higham St John's Church of England Primary SchoolBB12 9EUPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
Newchurch-In-Pendle St Mary's Church of England Primary SchoolBB12 9JPPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataLancashire
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes
  • *PERF = Performance
  • *D.F.E.= Department For Education

This post uses data covering the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2018. Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2018.