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BA14: Postcode District Level Quarter on Quarter (QonQ) Analysis of Property Market 1998 - 1999

This Post covers

Postcode DistrictWardBoroughCounty
BA14Holt and StavertonWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Melksham Without SouthWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Summerham and SeendWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge AdcroftWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge CentralWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge DrynhamWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge GroveWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge LambrokWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge ParkWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Trowbridge PaxcroftWiltshireWiltshire
BA14Winsley and WestwoodWiltshireWiltshire

£1.3M £0.86M £0.61M £0.63M £1.11M £0.74M £0.61M £0.57M
  • Quarter on Quarter Distribution of Flat Sales in Million Pounds

QuarterTotal Value (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £1.3M  £0.44M   51.16%
  Q3 1999  £0.86M  £0.25M   40.98%
  Q2 1999  £0.61M -£0.02M  -3.17%
  Q1 1999  £0.63M -£0.48M  -43.24%
  Q4 1998  £1.11M  £0.37M   50%
  Q3 1998  £0.74M  £0.13M   21.31%
  Q2 1998  £0.61M  £0.04M   7.02%
  Q1 1998  £0.57M -£0.46M  -44.66%

QuarterAverage Price (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  £37K -£2K  -5.13%
  Q3 1999  £39K  £3K   8.33%
  Q2 1999  £36K -£3K  -7.69%
  Q1 1999  £39K  £2K   5.41%
  Q4 1998  £37K  £2K   5.71%
  Q3 1998  £35K -£1K  -2.78%
  Q2 1998  £36K  £2K   5.88%
  Q1 1998  £34K -£3K  -8.11%

QuarterTotal Number (Flat)Q on Q Change (Flat)Change Rate (Flat)
  Q4 1999  35  13   59.09%
  Q3 1999  22  5   29.41%
  Q2 1999  17  1   6.25%
  Q1 1999  16 -14  -46.67%
  Q4 1998  30  9   42.86%
  Q3 1998  21  4   23.53%
  Q2 1998  17  0   0%
  Q1 1998  17 -11  -39.29%

Newtown Community Primary SchoolBA14 0BBPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
The Clarendon AcademyBA14 0DJSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
The Grove Primary SchoolBA14 0JGPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Holbrook Primary SchoolBA14 0PSPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
North Bradley CofE Primary SchoolBA14 0TAPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
West Ashton Church of England Primary SchoolBA14 6AZPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Castle Mead SchoolBA14 6GDPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
St George's Church of England Primary School, SemingtonBA14 6LPPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Keevil CofE Primary SchoolBA14 6LUPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Emmaus SchoolBA14 6NZN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Staverton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolBA14 6NZPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Holt Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolBA14 6RAPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Larkrise SchoolBA14 7EBN/AMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Paxcroft Primary SchoolBA14 7EBPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
The Mead Community Primary SchoolBA14 7GNPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Oasis Academy LongmeadowBA14 7HEPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Hilperton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolBA14 7SBPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Bellefield Primary and Nursery SchoolBA14 8TEPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Walwayne Court SchoolBA14 9DUPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
St John's Catholic Primary School, TrowbridgeBA14 9EAPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
The John of Gaunt SchoolBA14 9EHSecondaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
St Augustine's Catholic CollegeBA14 9ENSecondaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Studley Green Primary SchoolBA14 9JQPrimaryMixedNRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
Southwick Church of England Primary SchoolBA14 9PHPrimaryMixedYRatingDetailsDataWiltshire
  • *F.S. = Faith School, N= No, Y= Yes
  • *PERF = Performance
  • *D.F.E.= Department For Education

StationPostcodeLive Depature & Arrival
TrowbridgeBA14 8HWDetails

This post uses data covering the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2018. Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2018.