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TA2 7QJ Obridge Close, Taunton Lyngford Multiyear Crime Analysis and Statistics

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All Crimes Displayed are within a 1 mile radius of Postcode TA2 7QJ. The Crimes can stretch over Street, Ward, Borough, County boundary.

Due to a change in IT systems no crime, outcome or stop and search data is available from July 2019 onwards for Greater Manchester Area. The list of all known Issues for Crime Stats are available here

*Is ActiveStreetWardBoroughCounty
YesObridge CloseTaunton LyngfordTaunton DeaneSomerset
*Is Active = It denotes whether the Postcode is Presently Active or Not

Dec 2020, 420 Nov 2020, 405 Oct 2020, 452 Sep 2020, 504 Aug 2020, 547 Jul 2020, 589 Jun 2020, 465 May 2020, 480 Apr 2020, 370 Mar 2020, 487 Feb 2020, 474 Jan 2020, 581

Crime CategoryYearTotal No.Percent
Total No. Of Crimes (All Categories)20205774 
Violence and Sexual Offences2020183631.8 %
Anti-Social Behaviour2020130422.6 %
Public Order202078713.6 %
Shoplifting20204698.1 %
Criminal Damage and Arson20204638 %
Other Theft20202834.9 %
Burglary20201552.7 %
Vehicle Crime20201252.2 %
Bicycle Theft2020911.6 %
Robbery2020701.2 %
Drugs2020661.1 %
Other Crime2020571 %
Possession of Weapons2020380.7 %
Theft From the Person2020300.5 %

Streets with maximum crimesYearTotal No.Percent
On or near Supermarket20202053.6 %
On or near Petrol Station20201172 %
On or near Shopping Area20201101.9 %
On or near Creechbarrow Road20201011.7 %
On or near Rydon Lane2020921.6 %
On or near North Street2020901.6 %
On or near East Street2020881.5 %
On or near Blake Street2020811.4 %
On or near Supermarket2020791.4 %
On or near Parking Area2020761.3 %
On or near Parking Area2020751.3 %
On or near Fore Street2020741.3 %
On or near Billet Street2020661.1 %
On or near Supermarket2020661.1 %
On or near Roman Road2020641.1 %
*Two or more Locations can have the same Street Name. To view the exact location click on the Street Name and view it on the Map.

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