Bedford : Borough Level Demographics Composition Covering The Last Two Census

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The last two census were conducted in 2011 (27th March 2011), 2001 (29th April 2001). The below article covers it for the Bedford Borough.

YearPopulationMale ResidentsFemale ResidentsBorough Area (sq km)Desnity (per sq km)
2018 (*E)171,62349.00%51.00%476.41360
*E = Estimated Population By Office Of National Statistics

2011Christian59.28 %
2011No Religion23.64 %
2011Religion Not Stated6.57 %
2011Muslim5.47 %
2011Sikh2.12 %
2011Hindu1.54 %
2011Other Religion0.96 %
2011Buddhist0.32 %
2011Jewish0.11 %

2011Professionals18.05 %
2011Elementary12.35 %
2011Associate professional and technical12.31 %
2011Administrative and secretarial11.20 %
2011Skilled Trades11.03 %
2011Managers, directors and senior officials10.91 %
2011Caring, leisure and other service9.30 %
2011Sales and customer service7.92 %
2011Process, plant and machine operatives6.92 %

2011Wholesale17.08 %
2011HumanHealth12.40 %
2011Education11.64 %
2011Manufacturing8.49 %
2011Construction7.55 %
2011Professional6.62 %
2011Public Administrative6.46 %
2011Transport5.66 %
2011Administrative4.92 %
2011Accomodation4.50 %
2011Other4.46 %
2011Information3.89 %
2011Financial2.74 %
2011RealEstate1.32 %
2011WaterSupply0.80 %
2011Agriculture0.73 %
2011Electricty0.68 %
2011Mining0.05 %

YearCountry of BirthPercentage
2011England79.68 %
2011Scotland1.41 %
2011Wales0.83 %
2011Northern Ireland0.46 %
2011Republic of Ireland0.84 %
2011Other EU Countries6.25 %
2011Others10.52 %

BrickhillBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Bromham and BiddenhamBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
CastleBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
CauldwellBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
ClaphamBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
De ParysBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
EastcottsBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Elstow and StewartbyBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
GoldingtonBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Great BarfordBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
HarpurBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
HarroldBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Kempston Central and EastBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Kempston NorthBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Kempston RuralBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Kempston SouthBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Kempston WestBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
KingsbrookBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
NewnhamBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
OakleyBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
PutnoeBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
Queens ParkBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
RiseleyBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
SharnbrookBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
WilshamsteadBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
WoottonBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
WybostonBedfordBedfordshireEast of EnglandEngland
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Bedford : Labour Market Profile

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