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S Postcode Area - S70, S71, S72, S73, S74, S75, S80, S81 Property Market 2017

This Post covers 


Coverage Area of Postcode S70 to S81

Postcode                 Coverage Area          Local Authority Area
S70 Central Barnsley, Birdwell, Stairfoot, Worsborough, Kendray Barnsley
S71 Ardsley, Athersley, Monk Bretton, Lundwood, Royston Barnsley
S72  Brierley, Cudworth, Grimethorpe, Shafton, South Hiendley Barnsley,  Wakefield
S73 Brampton, Darfield, Wombwell, Hemingfield Barnsley, Rotherham
S74  Elsecar, Hoyland, Jump, Blacker Hill Barnsley
S75 Barugh Green, Cawthorne, Darton, Dodworth, Gawber, Mapplewell, Pogmoor, Staincross, Wilthorpe, Tankersley, Kexborough Barnsley
S80 Creswell, Thorpe Salvin, South Worksop, Whitwell Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Rotherham
S81 Blyth, Carlton-in-Lindrick, Langold, North Worksop, Shireoaks, Woodsetts Bassetlaw, Rotherham


  • M represents Million Pounds
  • Total value includes Property Type Other apart from Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat/Masionette


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
S70 £196K £111K £89K £68K
S71 £185K £110K £87K £56K
S72 £196K £111K £85K £96K
S73 £175K £110K £84K £62K
S74 £204K £115K £84K £65K
S75 £238K £132K £103K £92K
S80 £256K £109K £77K £95K
S81 £226K £127K £106K £89K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
S70 £182K £97K £79K £59K
S71 £180K £109K £75K £55K
S72 £182K £108K £80K £72K
S73 £169K £106K £74K £65K
S74 £193K £110K £76K £60K
S75 £226K £125K £86K £90K
S80 £232K £98K £70K £100K
S81 £205K £121K £99K £82K


Postcode Detached SemiDetached Terraced Flat
S70 £55K £51K £40K £24K
S71 £52K £53K £40K £12K
S72 £64K £36K £32K £64K
S73 £39K £30K £38K £8K
S74 £62K £33K £32K £13K
S75 £86K £44K £59K £29K
S80 £109K £50K £28K £22K
S81 £88K £46K £48K £21K
For example
  • Say the average detached property price for postcode XYZ is £300 K and ST. DEV. is £30 K.
  • It means that most detached properties in postcode XYZ (about 68%) has price within one ST. Dev. i.e. the price range is  £270K - £330K.
  • All-most all detached property price (95%) in postcode XYZ lie between two ST. Dev.  i.e. £240 K - £360 K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
S70 89 191 327 36
S71 184 307 168 22
S72 75 125 136 3
S73 88 150 138 10
S74 43 75 93 30
S75 249 286 174 52
S80 123 163 131 9
S81 236 284 82 5


The Table below gives in percentage, the total number of properties purchased as Buy-To-Let:
Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
S70 6% 12% 19% 33%
S71 7% 14% 19% 23%
S72 1% 10% 23% 33%
S73 6% 16% 20% 40%
S74 2% 4% 14% 97%
S75 4% 13% 22% 15%
S80 5% 7% 20% 0%
S81 5% 6% 4% 60%
*Buy-to-let consists of Buy-to-lets (where they can be identified by a Mortgage) ,transfers to non-private individuals,  transfers under a power of sale/repossessions



Hospital Postcode Town/City
Alpha Hospital Sheffield S2 3PX Sheffield
Northern General Hospital S5 7AU Sheffield
Weston Park Hospital S10 2SJ Sheffield
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital S10 2SZ Sheffield
Royal Hallamshire Hospital S10 2JF Sheffield
BMI Thornbury Hospital S10 3BR Sheffield
Sheffield Children's Hospital S10 2TH Sheffield
Claremont Private Hospital S10 5UB  
Rotherham Adult Mental Health Service - Access Team S26 4TH Sheffield
Rotherham Adult Mental Health Service - Access Team S26 4TH Sheffield
Grenoside Grange Hospital S35 8QS Sheffield
Walton Hospital S40 3HW  
Ash Green S42 7JE Chesterfield
Bolsover Hospital S44 6DH  
Chesterfield Royal Hospital S44 5BL Chesterfield
Hartington Unit S44 5BL Chesterfield
Clay Cross Hospital S45 9NZ Chesterfield
Rotherham Older People's Mental Health Services S60 2UD Rotherham
Rotherham Hospital S60 2UD Rotherham
Montagu Hospital S64 0AZ Mexborough
Kendray Hospital, Barnsley S70 3RD Barnsley
Mount Vernon Hospital, Barnsley S70 4DP Barnsley
Barnsley Hospital S75 2EP Barnsley
Bassetlaw Hospital S81 0BD Worksop

Schools for Postcode Area S

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