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NR Postcode Area - NR20, NR21, NR22, NR23, NR24, NR25, NR26, NR27, NR28, NR29 Property Market 2017

This Post covers 


Postcode                 Coverage Area          Local Authority Area
NR20 Villages N and E of Dereham: Bawdeswell, 
Bylaugh, Elsing, Foxley, Foulsham, Gressenhall, 
Guestwick, Hockering, Mattishall, Whissonsett, 
Nethergate, North Elmham, Swanton Morley, Themelthorpe
NR21 Barsham, Binham, Fakenham, Fulmodeston, 
South Raynham, East Raynham, West Raynham, 
Hempton, Helhoughton, Hindringham, 
Gunthorpe, Tatterford, Toftrees
North Norfolk
NR22  Walsingham, Houghton St Giles, North Barsham North Norfolk
NR23  Quarles, Warham, Wells-next-the-Sea, Wighton North Norfolk
NR24  Stody, Briston, Briningham, Brinton,
Edgefield, Sharrington, Melton Constable, 
Plumstead, Swanton Novers
North Norfolk
NR25  Kelling, Baconsthorpe, Blakeney,Bodham,
Cley next the Sea, Edgfield, Hempstead, 
High Kelling, Hunworth Langham, Letheringsett, 
Glandford, Weybourne, West Beckham, Salthouse
North Norfolk
NR26  Beeston Regis, West Runton, Upper Sheringham North Norfolk
NR27 Cromer, East Runton, Frogshall, Trimingham, Northrepps, Overstrand North Norfolk
NR28  Antingham, Crostwight, Honing, Knapton, Paston, Ridlington North Norfolk
NR29 Hemsby, Rollesby Great Yarmouth,North Norfolk

  • M represents Million Pounds
  • Total value includes Property Type Other apart from Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat/Masionette


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
NR20 £347K £207K £187K  
NR21 £315K £202K £191K £119K
NR22 £259K £328K £260K  
NR23 £538K £324K £409K £355K
NR24 £369K £245K £160K £105K
NR25 £464K £330K £363K £160K
NR26 £334K £265K £208K £158K
NR27 £353K £274K £215K £143K
NR28 £308K £199K £187K £126K
NR29 £271K £207K £171K £104K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
NR20 £315K £200K £174K  
NR21 £280K £174K £167K £105K
NR22 £225K £200K £275K  
NR23 £520K £350K £399K £270K
NR24 £304K £195K £145K £105K
NR25 £415K £300K £279K £160K
NR26 £305K £246K £195K £143K
NR27 £317K £260K £200K £132K
NR28 £280K £177K £168K £112K
NR29 £260K £183K £158K £90K


Postcode Detached SemiDetached Terraced Flat
NR20 £148K £55K £48K  
NR21 £143K £87K £83K £46K
NR22 £71K £280K £79K  
NR23 £250K £104K £163K £151K
NR24 £198K £100K £50K £24K
NR25 £232K £146K £215K £5K
NR26 £121K £106K £63K £64K
NR27 £146K £113K £65K £61K
NR28 £118K £98K £56K £30K
NR29 £101K £93K £65K £25K
For example
  • Say the average detached property price for postcode XYZ is £300 K and ST. DEV. is £30 K.
  • It means that most detached properties in postcode XYZ (about 68%) has price within one ST. Dev. i.e. the price range is  £270K - £330K.
  • All-most all detached property price (95%) in postcode XYZ lie between two ST. Dev.  i.e. £240 K - £360 K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
NR20 165 109 40 0
NR21 121 101 63 12
NR22 8 4 5 0
NR23 22 8 15 5
NR24 39 18 35 3
NR25 137 45 43 3
NR26 89 36 32 46
NR27 88 37 66 66
NR28 119 65 65 18
NR29 229 79 50 4


The Table below gives in percentage, the total number of properties purchased as Buy-To-Let:
Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
NR20 2% 2% 5% 0%
NR21 2% 5% 3% 17%
NR22 13% 25% 20% 0%
NR23 5% 38% 13% 20%
NR24 0% 0% 3% 33%
NR25 7% 9% 5% 0%
NR26 2% 3% 9% 0%
NR27 2% 5% 6% 5%
NR28 4% 3% 2% 11%
NR29 4% 3% 6% 0%
*Buy-to-let consists of Buy-to-lets (where they can be identified by a Mortgage) ,transfers to non-private individuals,  transfers under a power of sale/repossessions


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