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London SE Postcode Area - SE10, SE11, SE12, SE13, SE14, SE15, SE16, SE17, SE18, SE19 Property Market 2017

This Post covers 


Coverage Area of Postcode SE10 to SE19

Postcode                 Coverage Area          Local Authority Area
SE10 Greenwich, Maze Hill, Greenwich Peninsula Greenwich, Lewisham
SE11 Kennington, Lambeth (part), Vauxhall (part) Lambeth, Southwark
SE12 Lee, Grove Park, Chinbrook, Hither Green (part), Eltham (part), Horn Park, Blackheath (part) Greenwich, Lewisham
SE13 Lewisham, Hither Green, Ladywell Greenwich, Lewisham
SE14 New Cross Lewisham,Southwark
SE15 Peckham, Nunhead, South Bermondsey (part), Old Kent Road (part) Lewisham, Southwark
SE16 Rotherhithe, Surrey Quays Southwark,Lewisham
SE17 Walworth, Kennington (part), Newington Southwark
SE18 Woolwich, Royal Arsenal, Plumstead, Shooter's Hill Bexley, Greenwich
SE19 Upper Norwood, Crystal Palace Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark


  • M represents Million Pounds
  • Total value includes Property Type Other apart from Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat/Masionette


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
SE10 £2150K £1126K £784K £487K
SE11   £743K £1269K £430K
SE12 £612K £589K £491K £291K
SE13 £588K £810K £602K £360K
SE14 £2630K £837K £730K £351K
SE15 £1173K £968K £735K £412K
SE16 £704K £684K £692K £496K
SE17     £870K £525K
SE18 £479K £431K £382K £339K
SE19 £1000K £774K £582K £372K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
SE10 £1365K £930K £685K £470K
SE11   £585K £1210K £360K
SE12 £610K £532K £450K £290K
SE13 £470K £812K £585K £349K
SE14 £2630K £800K £665K £321K
SE15 £687K £925K £720K £412K
SE16 £680K £685K £647K £490K
SE17     £735K £533K
SE18 £490K £418K £361K £325K
SE19 £810K £505K £552K £364K


Postcode Detached SemiDetached Terraced Flat
SE10 £1110K £579K £288K £158K
SE11   £223K £358K £164K
SE12 £184K £244K £180K £76K
SE13 £259K £290K £195K £109K
SE14   £388K £316K £134K
SE15 £890K £286K £247K £133K
SE16 £205K £109K £240K £182K
SE17     £346K £133K
SE18 £104K £112K £87K £123K
SE19 £551K £741K £157K £108K
For example
  • Say the average detached property price for postcode XYZ is £300 K and ST. DEV. is £30 K.
  • It means that most detached properties in postcode XYZ (about 68%) has price within one ST. Dev. i.e. the price range is  £270K - £330K.
  • All-most all detached property price (95%) in postcode XYZ lie between two ST. Dev.  i.e. £240 K - £360 K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
SE10 2 19 127 665
SE11 0 2 35 170
SE12 14 56 106 127
SE13 4 29 155 317
SE14 1 15 55 127
SE15 3 25 160 402
SE16 5 11 65 496
SE17 0 0 33 512
SE18 9 62 258 442
SE19 11 28 75 281


The Table below gives in percentage, the total number of properties purchased as Buy-To-Let:
Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
SE10 0% 5% 6% 8%
SE11 0% 50% 3% 6%
SE12 14% 4% 8% 10%
SE13 0% 7% 6% 13%
SE14 100% 7% 16% 13%
SE15 33% 4% 12% 16%
SE16 0% 27% 18% 10%
SE17 0% 0% 0% 42%
SE18 0% 16% 21% 14%
SE19 0% 11% 9% 10%
*Buy-to-let consists of Buy-to-lets (where they can be identified by a Mortgage) ,transfers to non-private individuals,  transfers under a power of sale/repossessions



Station Postcode Live Depature & Arrival
Waterloo East (London) SE1 8TD Details
Waterloo International (London) SE1 7NS Details
Waterloo (London) SE1 7NS Details
London Bridge SE1 2SZ Details
London Waterloo SE1 7NS Details
London Waterloo East SE1 8TD Details
London Waterloo International SE1 7NS Details
Abbey Wood SE2 9QG Details
Westcombe Park SE3 7EQ Details
Blackheath SE3 9LG Details
Kidbrooke SE3 9PL Details
Brockley SE4 2RW Details
Crofton Park SE4 2PQ Details
Denmark Hill SE5 8AQ Details
Catford Bridge SE6 4PZ Details
Catford SE6 4RH Details
Beckenham Hill SE6 3RE Details
Bellingham SE6 3BX Details
Charlton SE7 7QG Details
Deptford SE8 5QA Details
St Johns SE8 4EW Details
Eltham SE9 1SA Details
Falconwood SE9 2RN Details
Mottingham SE9 4EN Details
New Eltham SE9 2AA Details
Maze Hill SE10 9XR Details
Greenwich SE10 8QJ Details
Grove Park SE12 9TJ Details
Lee SE12 0AD Details
Lewisham SE13 7SA Details
Ladywell SE13 7XB Details
Hither Green SE13 6HE Details
New Cross SE14 6LL Details
New Cross Gate SE14 6BL Details
Nunhead SE15 3XD Details
Peckham Rye SE15 4QL Details
Queens Road (Peckham) SE15 2JN Details
Rotherhithe SE16 4LF Details
Canada Water SE16 6QE Details
South Bermondsey SE16 3JZ Details
Surrey Quays SE16 2UF Details
Elephant & Castle SE17 1LB Details
Woolwich Arsenal SE18 6AR Details
Woolwich Dockyard SE18 5JY Details
Plumstead SE18 7EA Details
Gipsy Hill SE19 1QL Details
Crystal Palace SE19 2AZ Details
Birkbeck SE20 7YA Details
Anerley SE20 8PY Details
Penge West SE20 8RZ Details
Sydenham Hill SE21 7ND Details
West Dulwich SE21 8HN Details
East Dulwich SE22 8EF Details
North Dulwich SE22 8TB Details
Forest Hill SE23 3HB Details
Honor Oak Park SE23 1NX Details
Herne Hill SE24 0JW Details
Selhurst SE25 5EG Details
Norwood Junction SE25 5AQ Details
Penge East SE26 5HT Details
Lower Sydenham SE26 5BN Details
Sydenham (London) SE26 4LE Details
Tulse Hill SE27 9BW Details
West Norwood SE27 0DW Details


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