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London BR Postcode Area - BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7, BR8 Property Market 2017

This Post covers 


Coverage Area of Postcode BR1 to BR8

Postcode                 Coverage Area          Local Authority Area
BR1 Bromley, Bickley, Downham, Sundridge Bromley, Lewisham
BR2 Hayes, Shortlands, Bickley, Bromley Common, Keston Bromley
BR3 Beckenham, Elmers End, Shortlands, Eden Park, Park Langley Bromley, Lewisham, Croydon
BR4 West Wickham Bromley
BR5 Petts Wood, St Mary Cray, St Paul's Cray, Ruxley Bromley
BR6 Orpington, Locksbottom, Farnborough, Green Street Green, Chelsfield, Downe, Pratt's Bottom, Well Hill Bromley, Bexley, Sevenoaks
BR7 Chislehurst, Elmstead Bromley, Greenwich
BR8 Swanley, Hextable, Crockenhill, Swanley Village Sevenoaks, Bromley, Dartford


  • M represents Million Pounds
  • Total value includes Property Type Other apart from Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat/Masionette


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
BR1 £994K £571K £410K £342K
BR2 £864K £557K £448K £337K
BR3 £991K £702K £532K £345K
BR4 £769K £608K £520K £247K
BR5 £684K £431K £324K £218K
BR6 £787K £509K £407K £297K
BR7 £1045K £555K £543K £407K
BR8 £462K £355K £318K £205K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
BR1 £950K £542K £371K £320K
BR2 £810K £535K £442K £320K
BR3 £1000K £700K £519K £346K
BR4 £735K £600K £525K £260K
BR5 £685K £380K £312K £215K
BR6 £650K £495K £391K £286K
BR7 £930K £520K £510K £360K
BR8 £455K £350K £307K £225K


Postcode Detached SemiDetached Terraced Flat
BR1 £363K £184K £115K £125K
BR2 £432K £145K £90K £116K
BR3 £238K £170K £114K £106K
BR4 £166K £108K £74K £98K
BR5 £246K £132K £78K £59K
BR6 £370K £115K £86K £89K
BR7 £408K £154K £201K £207K
BR8 £110K £62K £53K £48K
For example
  • Say the average detached property price for postcode XYZ is £300 K and ST. DEV. is £30 K.
  • It means that most detached properties in postcode XYZ (about 68%) has price within one ST. Dev. i.e. the price range is  £270K - £330K.
  • All-most all detached property price (95%) in postcode XYZ lie between two ST. Dev.  i.e. £240 K - £360 K


Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
BR1 87 105 257 261
BR2 121 203 149 219
BR3 77 128 204 298
BR4 44 114 30 50
BR5 66 272 151 88
BR6 184 237 128 128
BR7 71 54 72 77
BR8 37 116 88 43


The Table below gives in percentage, the total number of properties purchased as Buy-To-Let:
Postcode Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
BR1 9% 14% 9% 7%
BR2 8% 6% 4% 9%
BR3 9% 2% 1% 6%
BR4 2% 3% 0% 6%
BR5 9% 6% 9% 20%
BR6 4% 3% 5% 6%
BR7 3% 2% 4% 4%
BR8 5% 2% 3% 9%
*Buy-to-let consists of Buy-to-lets (where they can be identified by a Mortgage) ,transfers to non-private individuals,  transfers under a power of sale/repossessions




Hospital Postcode Town/City
Priory Hospital Hayes Grove BR2 7AS Bromley
Bridgeways Day Hospital BR2 8JA Bromley
Bethlem Royal Hospital BR3 3BX Beckenham, London
BMI The Sloane Hospital BR3 5HS Beckenham
BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital BR6 7RG Orpington
Princess Royal University Hospital BR6 8ND Orpington
Orpington Hospital BR6 9JU  

Schools for Postcode Area BR

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